Anonymous asked: "Happy Leif Erikson day!"

Hinga Dinga Durgen! It’s not today though haha :)

Anonymous asked: "Have a mildly enjoyable anniversary of your spawning."

LOL thank you! Haha that’s a very cool way of saying it ;)

javierblacktiger asked: "feliz cumpleaños"

Mucho gracias. (I hope I say it correctly)

Anonymous asked: "It's your birthday? Happy birthday! I hope your day is great"

It is! And thank you so much. Hope you’re having a great day too! :) 

memq-art asked: "!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Woo hoo"

!!!THANK YOU!!! 

infinity-onthankspete asked: "Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is rad c:"

Aww thank you so much

Apparently today’s the day my mom gave birth to me.


bring it AROUND town


bring it AROUND town

This grill is not a home.